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Vision 2021

The 2021 Vision Sunday occurred at an unusual and unique moment: in the midst of the global disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Richard said that this disruption: “

  • Is like the tide washing over and submerging our everyday lives. We won’t know how we’ve been changed as individuals, households and a society until the tides goes out again;
  • Is a forced ‘pruning’ for many of us, though not all. We can’t live as we used to.

Responding to the call of God this year begins with acknowledging this unique moment, then trying to see what the Lord is doing and saying and how we might respond.

For this year’s Vision Sunday, we’re using Jesus’ teaching in John 15.1-8 as a guide to living through ‘in-between’ moments. In it, we see Jesus’ encouragement to use moments of pruning as time to PREPARE for future seasons. We want to do this in three ways:

  1. ‘Remain in me and in my love’
  2. ‘Let my words remain in you’
  3. Prepare to be ‘even more fruitful’.

The response that God calls forth from us, by the Holy Spirit, is a renewed commitment to trusting and following Jesus. It is simply saying ‘yes’ again to his invitation to follow.

You can watch the video used at Vision Sunday:

Or listen to the audio recording:

Listen the the Vision Sunday Audio Recording

There is a helpful study guide to help people think more about what the vision could mean for them.

View the Vision 2021 Study Guide