The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

The Next 10 Years

During Autumn 2021, during the Holy Rood Sunday Morning services we will be thinking about ‘The Next 10 Years’ in Crofton Parish.

Alongside our Vision Statement – being ‘The Heart of God at the Heart of Our Community’ – we will be exploring 7 Values that will shape our life together as we recover from the Covid19 pandemic and look to the future.

There is a Study Guide that goes with the series which gives you the chance to reflect more deeply on these 7 Values. As you will see, each Value expresses biblical truth and helps us understand God’s call on us as individuals and a community.

You can use this Study Guide by yourself or with others. We cover one Value each week and, as you will see, the Guide contains questions for use in groups as well as material for individual and household study.

View and Download the Study Guide