The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

One River Many Streams

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God

Psalm 46 v 4

During July 2020 there was a major transformation in the life of the parish. Large meeting were prohibited under the restrictions put in place to try and restrict the spread of Covid-19, the Parish therefore moved to enable smaller meetings called Streams. This was explained to our congregations through a Sunday morning teaching series and associated study material. You can find out more about Streams and access the teaching series and studies from this page.

There are a number of times, recorded in the Bible, when God’s people experienced an unexpected, dramatic, change in their circumstances. On occasions, rather than remaining together God’s people were scattered to different areas. The pandemic might not match the Biblical accounts, but it feels like we are in one of those times when many of the activities we treasure, and would want to hold onto, are not available. Even as the lock-down imposed to overcome Covid-19 is eased, it looks like it will be many months before we can return to the form of meeting together and worship we were used to.

At both our churches we are not able to fit our normal Sunday congregation with social distancing in place. We are therefore moving forward with new structures in place. In this season, we have re-organised our community into ‘Streams’ of 30 people or less.

The ’One River, Many Streams’ vision for this season is threefold:

  • Help everyone keep growing as followers of Jesus;
  • Gather as community in smaller ‘Streams’;
  • As individuals and in ‘streams’, reach people and places we have never reached before.

We are still united in purpose and vision (‘One River’), but for now we will function as ‘Many Streams’.

Bible Studies

Each week there is a video Bible Study that compliments the Sunday, Church Online, Talk. You can use the study by yourself or within your home group. There is a study guide that goes with the series.

Download the One River Many Streams Guide

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Parish Life

Richard is producing a video explaining more about what parish life will be like as we live as One River Many Streams.

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Family Resources

Although these resources are primarily produced for families to use together, they can be used by anyone!

There is a video each week to help you get more from the resource pack.

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