The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community
photo of King's Cross book and Bible

The Call

Reading: Mark ch 1 v 14 – 34 >>>

This sermon’s group discussion questions are:

  1. As you read the chapter and listened to the talk, what struck you? Was there anything you didn’t understand or didn’t agree with? (As last week)
  2. Have you had that personal experience of repenting – changing direction in your life to follow Jesus  – that we talked about at Holy Rood?  How did that happen?
  3. Jesus is calling us not to insert him into our lives but to follow him into what He is doing.  What does that look like in your life today?  What is God calling you into at this time?

In your prayer time you could pray for each other that you will be open to the full call of Jesus on your life – wherever that may take you.