The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

Devoted : Suffering

Reading Isaiah ch 53 v 1-6

With the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic having more effect on the world, Richard changed the subject of this weeks talk from Generosity to Suffering. The spoken part of the service was Facebook Live Streamed for those staying at home, this video is also available this week.

Questions for group study:

  1. What struck you about what you heard? Was there anything you didn’t understand or agree with?
  2. ‘Suffering is a particularly difficult topic for modern people’. Do you think this is true? Why? What conversations about suffering have you had either with other Christians or those who don’t share your faith?
  3. At the cross, Jesus embraced our suffering. He TRANSCENDED it, TRIUMPHED over it and TRANSFORMED our experience of it by his grace. Which of those ideas is most helpful for you at this moment? How can you pray for each other?
  4. EXTRA QUESTION: Finally, the weeks ahead are going to be challenging for all of us. What preparations is your small group making to continue being community with each other and supporting each other, especially those who are more vulnerable