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Reading: Matthew ch 5 v 3 – 12

On this Sunday Crofton Parish said goodbye to Ven Gavin Collins and his family prior to their move to Dorchester-on-Thames where Gavin will become Bishop in the Diocese of Oxford.

Gavin provided some questions to go with the talk:-

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled”. V6.

  1. How do you understand “righteousness”?
  2. How do you see God’s righteousness displayed in Jesus?
  3. How are we “made righteous” or “counted righteous” in him?
  4. What difference should that make to the way you live your life?
  5. What difference does that make?
  6. How “hungry and thirsty” are you for righteousness: in your life? in our society? in the world?
  7. What can you do to increase that appetite?  And how might God be calling you to respond?