Sermons by Rev Jude Greenfield

Easter Cross

The Emmaus Road

This is another Church at Home service streamed to our congregation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Reading Luke 24 v 13-35 read by the Lazell family. The video is the whole service, unfortunately there are some drop outs in the in the signal. The audio is just the original recording of the reading and sermon.

The Angels Promised It

Reading: Luke ch 2 v 8 – 20 Jude has written this about the sermon: “My final section was about waiting well in Advent, but I was overtaken by emotion as I looked out across the congregation, knowing so many people will face a deeply sad few weeks. My final point was this:Are we waiting…

The Flood Explained

Reading: Genesis ch 6 v 1 – 8 Home Group Study Questions What struck you about what you heard? Was there anything you didn’t understand or agree with? What does the flood narrative reveal to us about God’s character? How hard/easy do you find it to trust Jesus? What does ‘walking with God’ look like…