Face to Face with the Resurrection: Considering the human impact of Easter

You may remember that in Advent last year we ran a preaching series called ‘Merry Incarnation: Celebrating the humanity of Jesus’. In this series we considered the reality of Jesus’ humanity and the comfort, joy and inspiration this can bring us, knowing that Jesus fully experienced being human. He has been where we have been, where we are and can empathise and celebrate with us about what it is to be human.
This terms series is similar in its approach, but in relation to Easter. We will be considering the biblical characters that met the resurrected Jesus in human form and contemplate the impact that must have had on them. Finding the tomb empty, walking with Jesus along the road, being able to see and touch the marks of his crucifixion, having him cook breakfast and finally watching Jesus, the friend they have listened to, touched, walked with, ascend to be with the Father. We read about these resurrection events, believe and are encouraged by them. But these biblical characters actually experienced these events in a very human way. It made a massive impact on them and led them to birth the Christian Faith. In this sermon series we are attempting to imagine what it must have been like for these biblical characters to meet the resurrected Jesus in human form, and recover some of that impact for us today.