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Rebuild Gift Day

Give to the REBUILD Gift Day

Our REBUILD Gift Day is on Sunday 4 October 2020. On this weekend, we are asking everyone to make a one-off gift to Crofton Parish above and beyond their regular giving.

This is an important moment for Crofton Parish as we try to REBUILD financially so we can continue to serve our communities in a post-Covid world. Many organisations have been hit financially by COVID-19, and Crofton Parish is no exception. We are grateful that regular giving has held up well, but all income from room hire and plate offerings has stopped. The Parish is facing a loss of £45,000 by year end; that is around 20% of our income from donations. We want to finish this year well and lay a foundation to REBUILD our mission next year.

This short video explains how the restrictions put in place to restrict the spread of Covid-19 have affected the Parish’s finances.

There are envelopes in St. Edmund’s and Holy Rood churches that you can use for giving. However, in the current circumstances it we would prefer you to give electronically if you can. The button below takes you to a donation page managed by CAF Bank where you can make the gift using a credit or debit card, through PayPal or from a CAF Account.

Give to the REBUILD Gift Day

Maybe you would like to give to the the REBUILD Gift Day, but are not in the position to at the moment. If you would like to you can pledge an amount to the fund by completing this form. (Please only complete a pledge if you think you will be able to give the money before the end of the year.)

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At this time we are asking you to prayerfully consider a one-off gift to our REBUILD Gift Day. You may, however, also consider setting up regular giving to the Parish or leaving a legacy to the Parish. Click the button to find out more.

Find out about Regular Giving and Legacies