The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

Our Beliefs

Crofton Parish has a well-established evangelical tradition going back more than 50 years. The expression of these core beliefs has been constantly developing as the members of the parish seek to know Christ better and to make Christ known to the ever changing local community.

With the belief that having shared values is an important aspect of parish life which will help in the fulfilment of our vision, a set of core values was developed in 2007. Since then our members have regularly confirmed their aim to live:
A Word Centred Life because…
We are confident in the living authority and trustworthiness of the Bible as God’s written word in all matters of faith and lifestyle and, consequently, we believe that Jesus Christ himself is the complete and eternal Word of God to humanity.
A Kingdom Focused Life because…
We are subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and are fully committed to actively seeking, respectfully proclaiming and joyfully celebrating the growth of His Kingdom in each and every aspect of life.
A Spirit Empowered Life because…
We are active in seeking the presence, pleasure and purposes of God for all people and thus eagerly desire the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the life of the parish so that we may clearly and maturely display the glory of Christ.
A Fully Consecrated Life because…
We are dedicated to being and to making disciples of Jesus Christ whose daily lives are marked by ongoing and intentional growth in Christian maturity.
A Compassion Motivated Life because…
We are motivated by the love of God and by the example of Jesus Christ to work for local, national and global justice both in human society and with respect to the environment, which is God’s creation.
A Prayer Filled Life because…
We are committed to personal and corporate prayer and worship (including the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion) as a vital means of living intimacy with God and the wellspring of all ministry, mission and maturity in Christ.

In 2009 the PCC approved a 5 year Vision statement which had three main strands:

To be a resourcing parish
This has been worked out in many ways including Men’s days, hosting Worship Central courses, small group leader training days, preaching training and Acorn listening courses. The 10% Mission ‘tithe’ provides financial support to groups and individuals.
To be intentional disciples
Parish members have been encouraged to be accountable for their spiritual growth, rather than just attending on a Sunday. This has been enabled by encouraging mentoring and small group ‘accountability’, growing small groups including those for young people, supporting sermon followup and teaching a whole life focus including time spent at work. There is recognition of people’s different learning styles reflected in the congregations.
To do church in different ways
We have developed a multiple congregational approach. A congregation is associated with a particular Sunday or midweek service, and is led by a congregational team that includes licensed and lay members.  Each congregation has its distinctive style, but is still very much part of the parish family. As well as leading the worship service the congregational team seeks to encourage mission, discipleship and pastoral care.

In February 2015 this vision was reviewed and refreshed. The three strands were still thought to be very relevant for the parish and three particular areas for development were discerned these are internal and external communications, developing hospitality and partnership with the other churches and organisations.