The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community


Genesis 1 – 12

Life, the Universe and Everything

From September through to the end of November the Holy Rood 9:30am and 6:30pm services will be taking their teaching from the very beginning of the first book in the Bible – Genesis chapters 1 to 12.

During the mornings we’ll consider answers to questions like “Why is there something rather than nothing?”, “What are we here for?”, “What’s wrong with the world?”, “What is the flood about?”.  In the evenings we will consider some aspects of the work of the Trinity during this period; looking at subjects like “God is my creator”, “God has a purpose for me”, “Jesus redeems us”, “The Holy Spirit undoes Babel at Pentecost”.

9.30am Programme

Sep 8    Why is there something rather than nothing?
Sep 15   What are we here for? I
Sep 22   What are we here for? II
Sep 29   What is wrong with the world? I
Oct 6      HARVEST SUNDAY The Goodness of Life and the Goodness of God
Oct 13   What is wrong with the world? II
Oct 20   The Origin of Violence
Oct 27   Starting Over
Nov 3    The Flood Explained
Nov 10  REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY The Dove of Hope
Nov 17   Babel
Nov 24   A New Hope

6:30 pm Programme

Sep 8    God is My Creator
Sep 15   GENESIS OVERVIEW 1: Did Genesis 1-11 really happen?
Sep 22   God has a Purpose for me
Sep 29   God Wants Me
Oct 13   Jesus Redeems Us
Oct 20   GENESIS OVERVIEW 2: Genesis and the LGBT+ Community
Oct 27  Jesus is the New Ark
Nov 10  The Holy Spirit as a Dove
Nov 17 The Holy Spirit Undoes Babel at Pentecost
Nov 24  GENESIS OVERVIEW 3: Genesis, Genre & Bible Reading
On Sep 1, Oct 6 and Nov 3 we hold our Causeway service for those with additional needs.