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Confirmation and Adult Baptism

The Church of England has a number of formal services where you are able to declare your faith as a Christian.

At Confirmation you affirm the faith you either first proclaimed at baptism or was proclaimed by your parents if you were baptised as an infant.  This service is led by a bishop; during the service the bishop says to you “God has called you by name and made you his own” and then lays his hands on your head saying “Confirm, O Lord, your servant with your Holy Spirit”.  The service therefore not only recognises your faith in Jesus as Saviour but also declares God’s calling of you, and His life in you through His Spirit.

There are a number of positions within the Church of England which you are not allowed to hold unless you are confirmed, for instance being a vicar or churchwarden!  We would encourage members of congregations to be confirmed as a sign of their faith and their membership of Crofton Parish and the Church of England.

During an Adult Baptism (or Believer’s Baptism) service those being baptised affirm their faith in Jesus Christ.  During the service the vicar will ask the candidates a number of questions, giving the candidates the opportunity to proclaim that they reject the devil and all rebellion against God, renounce deceit and evil and repent of their sins.  The candidates continue by affirming that they turn to Christ, submit to Christ as Lord and come to Christ, the way, the truth and the life.

This service is not restricted to “adults”, it is for all who can personally proclaim their faith, be they adults, teenagers or children.  As Crofton Parish is on the coast adult baptism can be by immersion in the sea or by sprinkling at the font in church, at Holy Rood there is also the opportunity to be baptised by immersion in the baptism tank.

Candidates find that the public proclamation of their faith and the symbolism of cleansing and rising to new life presented by the water is something they will remember and will be a strength to them throughout their lives.  However in the same way that you can only be born once, you can only be baptised once.

If you were baptised as a baby and wish to declare your faith yourself you can Renew your Baptism Vows.  This is something you may particularly wish to do if you have been away from God for a period of time.  You renew your vows within a service which is very similar to an adult baptism service, there may be people receiving adult baptism at the same service.  As with adult baptism you can be sprinkled with water or immersed in the baptism tank or in the sea.

If you are considering marking your faith through confirmation, baptism or by renewing your baptism vows please talk to one of the clergy or complete this form.

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