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Making a Regular Gift to Crofton Parish

Knowing that gifts will arrive regularly is a great help when making financial plans for the Parish.  We recognise, however, that circumstances can change and that you may need to modify or cancel your regular giving – that is fine.

Crofton Parish recommends that you set up your regular giving through the Parish Giving Scheme.  This Scheme is operated centrally for the Church of England.  You set up a Direct Debit with the Scheme; the Scheme quickly passes the money on to the Parish and, if applicable, collects the Gift Aid and passes this on to the Parish.

Using the Parish Giving Scheme has a number of advantages for the Parish over people setting up standing orders directly with the Parish:

  • The Parish Giving Scheme performs most of the administration, saving the Parish’s paid staff and volunteers’ time
  • Gift Aid is received each month, rather than twice a year, improving our cash flow
  • The Scheme is financed centrally and is free to use for the Parish
  • If they wish to donors can automatically increase their giving in line with inflation

You can find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme here >>>>

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The Parish Giving Scheme are still developing their online service; so currently there is a simple form to complete.  The form asks for your details and your bank account details.  You can indicate if you are a UK tax payer and wish to Gift Aid the gift – this adds 25p for every pound you give, so please do gift aid if you are able!  You also select whether you wish the amount of your gift to rise by the inflation amount each year.  If you choose to add inflation each year you will be contacted before it is applied and can change your mind.  Once you have completed the form either send it to Parish Giving yourself, or give it the office and they will send it on.

If you are changing from giving regularly to the Parish by standing order, you will have to contact your bank to cancel the standing order – please be careful not to miss a month a months giving, or give twice in a month.  Parish Giving has many advantages for the Parish so please do change if you currently give through standing order.

If you wish to talk to a member of the Parish’s Finance Team, or get the joining package please, contact the Office direct or complete this form:

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