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Crofton Parish’s Live Streams

Whenever they are active, the Parish’s online live events will show here. You will only see and hear the video, if you prefer to see the comments people are making, and to comment yourself, watch directly on the Facebook page.

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The Parish Live Stream for Church Online

When active, Crofton Parish’s Facebook Live streams will appear below.

If video is shown, but it is not playing, click the “Play” button in the middle of the image to start the video.

Refresh the Page

If it is time for the service to start and it is not showing above, try refreshing the page using the button above or your browser’s refresh button (which is usually a circular arrow symbol in the top left corner).

If you get a picture but no sound, first check your device’s sound volume is turned up, then click in the bottom right of the Facebook Live video screen above. The Facebook Live controls will display, it is possible that Facebook has started the Live Stream with sound muted, click on the volume control to turn the sound on.

If you get a message saying “the video cannot be embedded because it may contain content owned by someone else”, then click on the “Watch on Facebook” link. We make every effort to only include content we are allowed to show, but unfortunately Facebook does not always know that!

You can view the Live Stream in full screen mode (it looks good that way!). To go full screen, click in the bottom right of the Facebook Live video screen above. The Facebook Live controls will display and you can click on the full screen icon.

We have found that the Firefox browser is unwilling to show the stream on Android smartphones (it will work if you can get the privacy/security settings right). We recommend using the Chrome browser on Android devices.

If you can not get the Live Stream to show (and there should be a service showing), or if it freezes and doesn’t restart, click on this link >>> .

If you have problems, or just want to say it worked, please complete the feedback form below. It was not easy to get this working, so it would be really helpful to know if there are still problems.

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    Select the type of device you are using
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    Any comments (such as what you tried if something went wrong etc...)

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    Using Facebook Directly

    You can use Facebook on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. If you regularly view our Facebook page, or Like and Follow it so you are notified when it is updated, you will get the latest news from the Parish as well as the Live Feed of the services. Click the button to open the Parish Facebook page, it will open in a new browser tab (you can also click on the Facebook icon on the menu bar at the top of our pages).

    Open the Parish Facebook Page

    Once on the Holy Rood Facebook page scroll down a little until you see posts. If its has started, the service live stream will be near the top post. If the live stream has not started, wait and it should appear. Facebook will keep asking you to sign-in or join, you can ignore these if you wish.

    If you are viewing on a phone or tablet, and are willing to join Facebook, you can install the Facebook App from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store; this is not necessary but will give you a better experience.

    Screen shop of Facebook screen

    To Like and Follow, go to the top of the Holy Rood Church Facebook page.

    You’ll see something like the top of this image (the buttons may be stacked upwards depending on the screen size).

    The Like button should be visible, click on it to show you like Holy Rood.

    To see the follow button, click on the button with three dots, the longer menu will appear and you can click on the Follow option.

    The Parish YouTube Premiere for Evening Worship and Bible Study

    When playing, YouTube Premieres will appear below. Click on the play button to start it.

    If the video does not start on time click the button below to view directly on YouTube.

    Watch on Crofton Parish YouTube Channel