The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

IMG_7418_1 (400 x 600)Holy Rood, the larger of the two churches in Crofton Parish, is located next to Stubbington village centre and has the Parish Centre attached to it. The majority of services and other meetings in the parish take place at Holy Rood.

There is a range of styles of services and meetings at the two churches, which we hope will allow you to worship God and learn more about Him in a setting you are comfortable with. Regardless of style, all the services aim to help you find out more about what the Bible tells us about Jesus and how He enables us to find peace with God the Father and the joy of knowing the Holy Spirit present with us, and to respond to this love with praise and thanksgiving. If you would like to find out more about the beliefs and aims of the parish click here>>

There are a number of congregations of all ages who meet at Holy Rood Church both on Sundays and midweek. Refreshments are served at all Sunday services. You would be very welcome at any of these services.

The 10am Family Worship is the largest service in the parish. This informal service is suitable for people of any age. The sung worship consists of modern songs and hymns. These are led by a music group normally consisting of singers, guitars, piano and drums. The service also includes Bible readings, a talk and prayers and possibly a talk or activity suitable for children.

Holy Communion is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month. At Holy Communion one of the recent orders of services will be used, these contain a number of prayers and responses that the congregation join in with. (At other services there are far fewer prayers and congregational responses.) We welcome any visiting Christian to take the communion bread and wine if they do so in their own church.

Screens around the church are used to display the words of songs and responses so you will not need to find the correct place in books. This service lasts for about an hour and a quarter and you are then welcome to join us for refreshments in the hall. You can find out more about the parish at the Welcome Table in the hall.

During school term time there is a crèche and there are groups for children and young people during part of the service. For more information about the children’s groups click here>> and for young people’s groups click here>>. The children and young people often stay in for a service that is suitable for all ages during school holidays.

You may find that the 10am service also includes a baptism or thanksgiving for a child. If you would like to find out more about having a baptism or thanksgiving for your child click here>>.

On all but the first Sunday of the month there is an informal Prayer and Praise service called Ascent at 7pm with modern worship led by a music group.  Holy Communion is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the month. In both Old and New Testaments, mountains were places of meeting God. ‘Ascent’ reflects the desire to mark out a space within the life of the parish for extended worship, prayer, ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit. It takes time to make that journey, to draw near to God, and at ‘Ascent’ we want to make that time and space.  Refreshments are available at the back of the church before the service.

On the first Sunday of the month the Causeway congregation meet at 7pm.  The style of this service is particularly suitable for people with a learning disability although all are welcome. There is still singing and a talk at this service, but the language used and the way concepts are expressed should be understandable by all.

On Thursday mornings at 10am there is small Holy Communion service. This follows the order of service from Common Worship and includes a sermon.

There is no dress code at any of our services, come wearing what you find comfortable!  An offering is taken to allow church members to give back something in remembrance of the blessings God has given them. We do not expect visitors to contribute, just pass the offering basket on; many others who give by direct debit will be doing the same!  If you do wish to give something you can either put cash in the offering basket or make your donation by debit or credit card at the back of the church – and if you are able please complete the Gift Aid envelope.  If you want to find out more about making an offering to Crofton Parish click here>>.

We have only been able to give an overview of the services here, and have not attempted to explain the great welcome and friendship you will experience – the best way to understand that is to come and experience it one Sunday! So whether you have lived in the area for a long period and are interested in what goes on in that church by the Green or, if you have moved to the area or if you are just visiting, we offer you a heartfelt invitation to join us at any (or all!) of these services!