The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

Jesus said:

where your treasure is, there your heart will be (Matthew 6v21)

In Crofton Parish, we take seriously the encouragement to reflect our life priorities in our financial commitments.

The money we receive helps us pay our staff, keep our buildings in good repair, finance our outreach and enables our charitable giving – in other words its necessary if the Parish is going to realise its 2020 Vision:

  • to be a Parish Church and a Resourcing Church,
  • to help individuals and households take steps into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, wherever they start from,
  • to prayerfully trust God to double the size of our worshipping community in the next 5-7 years.

How can I give?

You can give through the offering made during our services.  It is also possible to set up a regular gift from your bank account using the Parish Giving Scheme.  Or can make a one off gift using your debit or credit card, or using PayPal, online through our link with CAF Bank.

Which ever method you choose, if you are a UK tax payer the government will add 25p to every pound you give if you Gift Aid the gift.  Please select the Gift Aid option if you are eligible; it makes a big difference to the work we can undertake!

You might like to consider leaving a legacy to Crofton Parish in your Will.  This way you can keep resourcing the Parish even after you die.

Select an option to give in one of these ways




If you wish to give an anonymous donation please go the this CAF bank page >>> .  (If the gift is for a particular purpose, such as a Gift Day, please indicate that in the special instructions.)

How much should I give?

Reading through the Old and New Testaments, the best way to think about financial giving is by giving a percentage of your income.  While a figure of 10% (after tax) is often used, this may be too much to start with, or even too little if you have a lot of disposable income.

We suggest you prayerfully sit down with your household’s financial incomings and outgoings.  What percentage of your weekly or monthly income could you commit to what God is doing through Crofton Parish?

Where does my money go?

In Crofton Parish we want to share this good news of God’s gift of His Son to those in our community.  We also encourage those who have experienced God’s love to respond by generously supporting His work in the Parish.  Giving money is just one of many ways you can give, but it is an important way!

In 2019 the Parish expenditure was £344,000 – that’s £28,700 per month!  Most of this goes on parish ministry and mission, including staffing costs and ministry expenditure.  Some goes on upkeep of our buildings.  We make a contribution to Portsmouth Diocese; some of this pays the stipends of our clergy and houses our vicar, the rest resources mission and ministry in our region, especially poorer parishes.  We also give to mission partners locally and internationally so we can support what God is doing in the world.

We received around £60,000 in 2019 from rent, fees and grants, this equates to £5,000 each month.  This means we relied on your financial support to cover the remaining £23,700 each month.