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First Steps

28th April 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Holy Rood Parish Centre
First Steps @ Holy Rood Parish Centre
First Steps is a parent and toddler group for children under four, with structured stay and play activities. To start with it will be a short session once a week. Parents and carers will need to book a place in advance each week – see sign-up form below. 
As we, hopefully, continue to move out of the Covid restrictions, we need to be lightweight and flexible and take things step by step. First Steps will involve a gentle Christian presence through story time and in celebrating seasonal events such as Easter and Christmas.  We are very pleased that Ethel Brokenshire has agreed to lead this group with a small team of helpers.

    Apply for First Steps on 21st July

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    This event is for children under 3. Please remember to book each week for the next First Steps meeting.

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