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We are pleased that our Crofton Kids groups for children and families are able to meet in-person again.

Children’s Groups on Sunday Mornings

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Over the summer children’s groups are meeting or about 15 minutes during the services with the family streams are attending. Your children are welcome to come to the following groups:

  • Crèche will be unmanned in the Oak Room (Room1)
  • Scramblers (pre-schoolers) will meet in the Maple Room (Room 2) 
  • Crofton United (infants and juniors) will meet in the Hall.

Follow our Crofton Kids team (wearing blue team T-shirts) and they’ll direct you to appropriate groups.

First Steps on Wednesday Mornings

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First Steps gives parents / carers the opportunity to go out with their babies and under fours and enjoy play and conversation in a Covid secure environment.

Parents and carers will need to book a place in advance each week – see the sign-up form below.  

As we, hopefully, continue to move out of the Covid restrictions, we need to be lightweight and flexible and take things step by step. First Steps will involve a gentle Christian presence through story time and in celebrating seasonal events such as Easter and Christmas.  We are very pleased that Ethel Brokenshire has agreed to lead this group with a small team of helpers.

To maintain a safe, Covid secure environment, we expect adults to wear face masks (unless exempt) and to socially distance. Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes are available to hand.

Access to First Steps is by the main entrance of the church. First Steps takes place in the hall with access to a secure garden in nice weather. Please bring an outdoor blanket, sunscreen and sun hats for sunny days. Masks aren’t required outside.

Toys are provided for each child, but we encourage toys not to be shared outside of family groups or bubbles. Toys are cleaned and quarantined after each session. No food or drink is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Children are parent’s responsibility the whole time. If you have Covid-symptoms or live with someone who does, please don’t attend, and if possible, let us know you can’t attend by emailing 

    Apply for First Steps on 21st July

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    This event is for children under 3. Please remember to book each week for the next First Steps meeting.

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    Please note that you are only registering your interest in attending; we will contact you to confirm you have one of the available places.

    If you have any questions, please email

    Family Fun Afternoons

    Unfortunately we are not able to restart Family Fun Afternoons at the moment.