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Crofton Hub is part of the Crofton Parish website that has been designed to give quick access to information most viewed by those who regularly attend Holy Rood or St. Edmund’s.  It is also designed to be particularly useable on mobile devices and can be set up to appear like an Android, Apple IOS or Windows App.

Using the Hub

The Hub is accessed through your web browser, the address is

This is how the Hub appears on a large screen.

There are a number of cards, when clicked these open up to show the information.  Some cards, such as the Welcome Sheet and Sermons will always be there.  Others such as Easter Events and Annual Meeting will be shown when relevant.

Unlike on the main site, within the Hub the Crofton Logo on the top left of the screen takes you back to the Hub main page.  To get to the main site home page click on the house or home icon on the row of short cut icons to the right of the Crofton Logo.  The other shortcut icons take you to the Crofton Parish Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

This is the Hub on a mobile device e.g. a smart-phone.  The cards are now vertical; you scroll through them and select the required information.  As with the large screen view the Crofton Logo still returns to the Hub main page.  The links to the main website home page and the social media pages are in the drop down menu to the right of the Crofton Logo.

Setting the Hub as an App on Mobile Devices

To create the Hub Icon on one of your mobile devices home pages you have to have the Hub page displayed in your mobile browser and then make some settings on the browser.  Unfortunately the procedure is different on the different browsers.  If the browser you are using isn’t covered here you need to find how to add (or share) the page (or page shortcut) to the home screen.  More specific details are given below for set up on Android Chrome and Firefox browsers and for Apple IOS Safari browser – if you are on an Apple device, Apple only lets you do this on the Safari browser!

Remember to go back to the main Hub page before following the instructions!

Android Chrome Browser

With the Hub page displayed, click the Chrome browser menu link.

On the menu that is displayed click the Add to Home Page.  The crown Hub icon will appear on the devices home page.

Android Firefox Browser

With the Hub page displayed, click the Firefox browser menu link.

Select the Page sub-menu from the drop down.

Then select the Add Page Shortcut option.  The crown Hub icon will appear on the devices home page.

Apple Safari Browser

Note: you must use the Safari browser on Apple devices.  With the Hub page displayed, bring up the Safari browser Share menu.

Then click on the Add to Home Screen option.

You are given the option to change the icon name.  It is worth changing it to “Crofton Hub”.

The crown Hub icon will appear on the devices home page.

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