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Infant Baptism and Thanksgiving

We believe that children are a blessing and a gift from God so we are delighted to be able to share with you in thanking God for the precious gift of your child. At Crofton we have two different types of service available, Infant Baptism (sometimes called Christening) and Thanksgiving for a Child.  The information given below will help you decide which service is most appropriate for you depending on your beliefs and level of Christian commitment.  There is no need to decide at the moment, the staff member who contacts you will discuss this with you.

We will always baptise or perform a thanksgiving for a child if their parents (or carers) live in the parish.  There are many other circumstances when we will be delighted to baptise or perform a thanksgiving for a child, do contact the parish office if this is the case.

If you would like to know more please use the contact form at the end of this page or telephone the Parish Office. You will then be invited to have an informal chat with one of the clergy who will explain the two services in more detail, and you can discuss possible dates for the service you choose.

Infant Baptism (or Christening)

We believe that Infant Baptism marks the beginning of a spiritual journey with God, a journey that should continue for the rest of your child’s life. Baptism is a special service for the children of committed, practising Christians; it is a clear expression of faith in Jesus and a commitment of the church community to support your child on this journey.

Both the parents and your nominated Godparents must have been baptised.  All of you will be asked to make specific promises  in the presence of God, including promises to follow Jesus Christ, to nurture your child in the Christian faith and to teach your child to worship God by regularly bringing them to church. Your child will be baptised with water and you will be presented with a Bible, a candle and a certificate as mementos of their baptism.

In preparation for the Infant Baptism service there will be a meeting between parents, Godparents and the vicar to plan the service, and to discuss more deeply the promises and responsibilities arising from having your child baptised into the Christian faith.

We like to have Infant Baptisms as part of the Sunday at 9:30 am Family Service at Holy Rood Church.  This does not preclude the baptism being included within other services in the parish if circumstances make these options more appropriate.

There are further details about Baptism (Christening) services on the Church of England website here>>

Thanksgiving for a Child

A Thanksgiving Service is a celebration of God’s gift of parenthood. It provides a special opportunity to thank God for the gift of your child. As mementos of the occasion you will be presented with a family candle, a Bible and a certificate. Prayers will be said for your family and your child.  Choosing God-parents is not required for a Thanksgiving Service but one or two friends who are committed to supporting your child as he/she grows up can act as sponsors. There is an opportunity for parents and/or sponsors to add their own prayers to the service if they so wish.

This service differs from Infant Baptism because it does not formally mark your child’s entrance into the community of the Christian faith, neither does it  require you to make a public declaration of your own personal faith in Jesus Christ or to make any promises regarding your ongoing and regular commitment to the life and worship of the Church.  You may therefore find that this more closely reflects your position.  Some Christian parents opt for this service in preference to Infant Baptism as, while they want to affirm their faith in Jesus, they want to give their child the opportunity to decide when they wish to be baptised as a believer.

As with Infant Baptism a member of clergy will meet with you before the service to explain what will happen.  Thanksgiving Services in Crofton Parish take place during the 9.30 am Family Service at Holy Rood Church.

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