2020 Annual Meeting

Electoral Roll Update

Before we hold our Annual Meeting we are obliged to ensure our Electoral Roll is up-to-date. The opportunity to have your name added to the Roll is now over until after the Annual Meeting.

If you wish to check if you are on the updated Electoral Roll please contact our Electoral Roll Officer, Vicki Edwards, email office@croftonparish.org.uk

Annual Meeting

The Crofton Parish Annual Meeting this year will be on Sunday, October 25th at 7pm. This is six months later than usual due to lockdown. To make the meeting Covid-19 safe, it is going to be very different to usual! The meeting will be an online Zoom meeting. For those who are unable to access Zoom themselves, there will be the opportunity to join in at Holy Rood Church. We do ask that you only attend Holy Rood if you are unable to join from home. However, if you cannot join from home, we would really like to see you at Holy Rood!

The Annual Meeting is an important time in the life of the Parish.  During the meeting we will look back, with thanks, for all God did in the Parish in 2019, and will start to reflect on all that has happened in 2020 and what the rest of 2020 and the start of 2021 might hold for us.

Joining the APCM Zoom Call

We suggest everyone in your household joins using the same computer or phone. The APCM starts at 7:00pm, you can join the Zoom call from 6:45pm. It is worth joining a little early so you can check you can see and hear properly. The meeting will last about 45 minutes.

The Zoom meeting details are in the email sent to all Crofton Parish contacts. It will also be put here on Sunday afternoon.

Taking Part in the Meeting

During the meeting you will hear presentations, have the chance to ask questions and vote to approve or reject motions.

To help the meeting go as smoothly as possible, please do the following:

  • Keep your audio muted unless you are asked to speak. If your microphone is on, even if you are not talking it will pick up background noise and probably interrupt the speaker. Don’t be surprised if the meeting host mutes your microphone for you if they see it is on!
  • When there is a vote, listen carefully to the instructions and show your approval or rejection, as appropriate, and raise your hand to signal your vote – if there are others watching with you, make sure everyone’s hand can be seen, and leave them up until the count completes.
  • To help us know who and how many have attended, please set your Zoom participants name to show the names of everyone viewing on your system. Look out for how to set the name as you join the meeting.

We also think you and others will find it better if you:

  • If you are on a large screen, view in “Speaker Mode”; this shows a large picture of whoever is speaking. This is easier viewing when there are a large number of people to show on the screen. Select it in the top right of the panel showing the participants images.
  • If you want to speak, send a Chat message to the host or wave your hand to attract the hosts’ attention.

APCM Elections

As usual the meeting will elect churchwardens, representatives on Deanery Synod, and members of the church council (PCC). Jim Nolan has completed his term as churchwarden so we are prayerfully seeking a new churchwarden this year. There are places for five representatives on Fareham Deanery Synod (who also have a place on PCC) and for six church council members.

The opportunity to nominate someone to one of these roles has now closed.

You will see from the Profile of Candidates link below, that there is no need for an election this year.

Papers for the APCM

These papers are currently available. This is not a complete set of papers yet, keep coming back for further information.

More details about the meeting will be available soon.