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2021 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

The Crofton Parish Annual Meeting this year will be on Sunday, April 25th at 7pm. This is only six months after the last meeting, but gets us back to the correct schedule. As with last year, to make the meeting Covid-19 safe, the meeting will be an online Zoom meeting. For those who are unable to access Zoom themselves, there will be the opportunity to join in at Holy Rood Church. We do ask that you only attend Holy Rood if you are unable to join from home. However, if you cannot join from home, we would really like to see you at Holy Rood!

If you will be attending Holy Rood, please contact the office so we can plan the seating.

The Annual Meeting is an important time in the life of the Parish.  During the meeting we will look back, with thanks, for all God did to bring the Parish through 2020, and will start to reflect on all that has happened already in 2021 and what the rest of 2021 may hold as we recover from the pandemic and move forward into the future.

Papers for the APCM

Download or View the 2021 APCM Agenda

Download the 2020 Annual Report and Accounts

Download or View the 2020 APCM Minutes

Click to View the PCC Candidate Profiles

Joining the APCM Zoom Call

We suggest everyone in your household joins using the same computer or phone. The APCM starts at 7:00pm, you can join the Zoom call from 6:50pm. It is worth joining a little early so you can check you can see and hear properly. The meeting will last about one hour.

The Zoom Meeting ID for the APCM is: 991 7795 7463
The Passcode is: APCM2021

Or, if you don’t have Zoom installed, go to this web address:

You can also join from any phone by dialling one of these UK numbers:             

0203 901 7895
0208 080 6591
0208 080 6592

And use the Meeting ID: 991 7795 7463 and Passcode: 11616367

Taking Part in the Meeting

During the meeting you will hear presentations, have the chance to ask questions and vote to approve or reject motions.

To help the meeting go as smoothly as possible, please do the following:

  • Keep your audio muted unless you are asked to speak. If your microphone is on, even if you are not talking it will pick up background noise and probably interrupt the speaker. Don’t be surprised if the meeting host mutes your microphone for you if they see it is on!
  • When there is a vote, listen carefully to the instructions and show your approval or rejection, as appropriate, and raise your hand to signal your vote – if there are others watching with you, make sure everyone’s hand can be seen, and leave them up until the count completes.
  • To help us know who and how many have attended, please set your Zoom participants name to show the names of everyone viewing on your system.

We also think you and others will find it better if you:

  • If you are on a large screen, view in “Speaker Mode”; this shows a large picture of whoever is speaking. This is easier viewing when there are a large number of people to show on the screen. Select it in the top right of the panel showing the participants images.
  • If you want to speak, send a Chat message to the host or wave your hand to attract the hosts’ attention.

APCM Elections

As usual the meeting will elect churchwardens, representatives on Deanery Synod, and members of the church council (PCC).

This document explains a bit more about the role of a PCC member.

Download the PCC Members Guide

This year we are looking to appoint four members to the PCC for a three year term and two members for a two year term. (Member’s length of term will be decided randomly.) There is also one casual vacancy for a Deanery Synod representative for a two year term; members of Deanery Synod also have a place on PCC. We are looking for at least five new members of PCC – do consider if one could be you.

Our two churchwardens are only elected for one year, although they can be re-elected for up to six times. Our current wardens, Julie and Martin, will be standing again.

Nominations require a proposer and seconder and must be received by Tuesday 20th April.

Download PCC Nomination Form

Download Deanery Synod Nomination Form

Download Churchwarden Nomination Form

Members of the PCC work with the vicar to exercise the governance of the Parish to ensure the integrity of this governance people are disqualified from standing for any position if they are on a safeguarding barred list or have committed certain offences. If elected this is checked before anyone can take up office.

Members of the PCC are also the trustees of the Parish Charity. they must therefore meet all the eligibility requirements placed on a trustee by the Charity Commission. Nominees must therefore be able to confirm their eligibility and that they are a Fit and Proper Person by signing this Eligibility and FPP form:

Download the Trustee Eligibility and FPP Declaration

Electoral Roll Update

Before we hold our Annual Meeting we are obliged to ensure our Electoral Roll is up-to-date. You do not need to sign up again if you were on the Roll last year.

You can sign up using the form below. The form lets you sign up for the Electoral Roll, the Congregational Database or both. The Congregational Database is our primary record of the people linked to the Parish. Communications are sent to the people in this database. Church of England regulations require us to have an Electoral Roll, and you have to be on the Electoral Roll to be on the Church Council or take part in the elections held at the Annual Meeting.

Download the Electoral Roll Form

If you consider Holy Rood or St. Edmund’s your home church we would encourage you to sign up for both, but it’s completely up to you! To be able to take part in this years Annual Meeting, you must return the Electoral Roll form by 2nd April.

If you wish to check if you are on the Electoral Roll please contact our Electoral Roll Officer, Vicki Edwards, email