The Heart of God at the Heart of our Community

2020 Vision

Write the vision down, make it plain

(Habakkuk 2.2)

Crofton Parish has a well-established evangelical tradition going back more than 50 years. Over that time Stubbington and Hill Head have changed from small, rural, villages into the large built-up communities they are today.  Over this time the Parish has sought to bring the love of the unchanging God to the people of the area, and to do it in a way that remains relevant in the changing society they live in.

In 2017 the staff and PCC looked afresh at the mission of the Parish and sought to discern God’s vision for the parish for the next few years.  We looked with thankfulness at what God had done in the past and prayerfully considered His plans and priorities for Crofton in the future. This developed into the 2020 Vision that was explained to all our congregations in January and February 2018.  The Vision clarifies our identity, our purpose and our aim.

Five short videos were created to help explain the vision, there was also a preaching series and a study guide suitable for groups or individuals.  Links to these resources are on this page.  Before considering Our Identity, Our Purpose, Our Aim and some Development Areas we looked at What is Vision, and why we need it.

What is Vision?

It is seeing and doing God’s will – Jesus said of Himself “I only do what I see the Father doing” (John ch 5 v 19).  See the Talk 1 – What is Vision? video and listen to the talk from January 7th for an explanation.

Our Identity

We are A Parish Church and a Resourcing Church.  See the Talk 2 – Our Identity video and listen to the talk from January 21st for more information.

Our Purpose

The parish’s purpose is To help individuals and households take steps into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, wherever they start from.  See the Talk 3 – Our Purpose video and listen to the talk from January 28th for further details.

Our Aim

We aim To prayerfully trust God to double the size of our worshipping community in the next 5-7 years.  See the Talk 3 – Our Purpose video and listen to the talk from January 28th for the reason for this aim.

Development Areas

We discerned seven development areas the Parish needs to focus on to prepare us to see the vision fulfilled.  These will not all happen at once,  but expect to see them being developed in the years up to 2020.  The seven areas are:

  • A deeper prayer life across our Parish
  • A new vision for discipleship
  • A plan for our buildings, especially Holy Rood and the Parish Centre
  • A new start for our Home Groups
  • Developing our existing services and starting new ones
  • Supporting our ministry areas and starting new ones (Seniors)
  • A ‘Community Week’ in June 2020

See the Talk 5 – 7 Development Areas video for an insight into why and how we make these developments.

How Can I Be Involved?


Please pray for Crofton Parish. Pray for the Clergy, PCC, Sta­ff Team and everyone involved.  Pray for our communities and beyond.  Pray for God’s blessing and guidance.  Pray that we might be able to respond joyfully to God’s leading.

As a starting point you may like to pray our 2020 Vision Prayer each day:

Faithful God, thank you for sending Jesus to show us your love and mercy.
Please pour out your blessing on Crofton Parish.
As we receive all that you have to give,
May we be a blessing to our community and beyond.
Help us to be faithful to your calling and vision.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Crofton Parish is a place to belong, especially in our Home Groups. If you are not in any kind of community or Home Group, think about joining one… or even starting one!


How can you help? There are so many diff­erent ways to serve in Crofton Parish, from serving tea and co­ffee in services to helping in one of our groups. Where you could get involved?


The vast majority of our income comes from the generosity of church members. How can you financially contribute? Everyone can give something, even if it’s only a little. What can you do?