to know Christ and make Christ known

The Holy Rood 9:30 sermon series from April 30th to May 21st is titled “Where your treasure is…”.  Richard will be preaching on:

  • Who owns What? (30th April)
  • Making More (of) Money (7th May)
  • Material Prayer (14th May)
  • How to be Rich (21st May)

Small groups have been encouraged to follow the series in their studies.  The small group material for this series is available from the following links:

  1. Who owns what?>>> (and extra Life Audit>>>)  (and sermon slides>>>)
  2. Making more (of) money>>>      (and sermon slides>>>)
  3. Material Prayer>>>   (and sermon slides>>>)
  4. How to be Rich>>>   The “How rich am I” test>>>   (and sermon slides>>>)